Naish 2020 Inflatable SUP - Stiffer is better!

Naish 2020 Inflatable SUP - Stiffer is better!

Naish 2020 inflatable SUP

Aloha from Naish!
Introducing the new 2020 inflatable SUP boards from Naish. This year, we partnered with a new factory and new material suppliers in order to provide heightened quality and durability in our inflatable boards. The quality control has been set to the strictest in the industry. Every piece of material, every ounce of glue and every board is meticulously checked to ensure that every Naish inflatable board embodies the quality you can expect from a brand that has been making boards for 40 years.
We didn't stop there though. Instead we kept pushing and developed the Standard Stiffness Rating to ensure that our board are the stiffest on the market to ensure we continue to provide the best performing boards possible. Are you ready to find out why stiffer is better?




Check out the new collection here



 And last but not least! 


Available early April across the Middle East. Contact us here for more details and to pre order.





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