2014 Naish Fish 5'6" Directional Kiteboard

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Naish Fish 5'6" Directional Kiteboard

The Naish Fish 2014 is simply super buttery-smooth fun. Their responsiveness, speed, and drive are unmatched. The Fish is ideal for riders wanting an easy-to-ride, early planing board for fun in light-to-moderate winds.

It features a newly designed wide/short shape and swallowtail for maximum flotation, extreme stability and upwind performance.

For riders wanting light wind fun in both surf and flatwater, the Naish Fish pushes the limits in terms of surface area and flotation, which makes it remarkably stable and provides superior upwind characteristics.

With its classic surf performance, the Fish is crazy fun in light wind and is the perfect addition to any quiver.

Charge down the line with constructions and materials developed for the aerospace industry. These technologies have been utilized to make the 2014 Naish Customs the Industry highest performance wave boards.

Naish Custom Fish 5 6 x 19.75

Compact, easy, balanced, versatile, and super fun. One board that does everything with easy handling and smooth carving. Dominate lighter wind and smaller surf with extra surface-area and volume.

The Naish Custom range offers the industry highest performance shapes, the leading premium construction technology, and the most expansive selection. While each model offers unique performance, Naish are proud of the fact that no matter which Custom you choose, you will be completely stoked.

Bamboo Sandwich Construction:

The foam core is wrapped in composite laminates, which overlap on the rails. Over these laminates, the board is wrapped again in high-density, closed-cell foam.

After laminating additional layers of reinforcement, the board is finished with the layers of bamboo and composite laminates. The bamboo laminate provides outstanding heel dent and pressure resistance and adds overall strength.

The end result is a board with the perfect strength-to-weight ratio.

Fibreglass Rails: Providing longitudinal stiffness similar to having two stringers outlining the board.

Cross Fins: Carbon Torsion Cross Fins make your fins lightweight and yet optimized to flex when you need them.

8-Piece Diamond Grooved Deck Pad:
Features an ergonomic arch support, high texture grip and stomp pad on the tail.

Riding Style: Freeriding / Cruising / Waveriding

Skill Level: Intermediate / Expert

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The 2014 Naish Fish 5'6" Directional Kiteboard is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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