Soft Tech and Apparel

The Naish R&D started in the 70s so they have put some serious thought and time into their Kite, SUP and Windsurf ranges. Developed on the shores of Hawaii with the world's top kitesurfers, windsurfers and big wave riders, the Naish kit is know for it's high quality and top performance. The Naish Stand Up Paddle Board range is growing fast with the best solid and inflatable SUPs neck and neck on popularity.

Naish have been working on their Kite, SUP and Windsurf designs since the 70's. From the shores of Hawaii, where precision performance matters more than ever against the elements, the Naish kit is known for its high quality and superior performance.

The history of the Prolimit brand reaches 40 years back. Prolimit strives to be reliable, by product-oriented development and not marketing or trend focused. They present the new product line, which is designed with heart and soul. These products are made with the desire to develop the ultimate quality products for eveyone to enjoy.. Europe (marketing, sales and R&D), South Africa (R&D and production), United States (production) and the far East (raw materials); Prolimit is a global brand that is created and tested in and on the water.