2018 Naish Thrust Surf Foil Complete - Large

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High lift foil with downturned wingtips designed for early take off and maximum maneuverability


M | L


55 cm

Designed in collaboration with Kai Lenny, the Thrust Surf Hydrofoil develops lift at low speed, and launches with minimal effort. The combination of early take-off and excellent maneuverability makes it great for waveriding, cruising or racing. The extra long fuselage creates a large sweet spot and provides stability, while the downturned stabilizer (rear foil) makes waveriding and turning intuitive and easy. The small (55 cm) extruded alloy mast can be retrofitted to any style box system. Whether surfing or downwinding, the Thrust Surf Foil will keep you stoked session after session!

All Naish Foil Systems include a premium padded cover.

WARNING: DO NOT USE THE THRUST HYDROFOIL IN THE SURF. You will permanently damage your foil and can cause serious injury or death to yourself and others around you. Damage incurred as a result of abnormal use, or subjected to stress including breaking waves beyond the physical limits of the materials used in body or components is not covered under the warranty policy.

ALWAYS: Rinse and disassemble with fresh water after each use.



  • Low Aspect Main Wing

    Early take off + stable flight + maneuverability

  • Downturned Stabilizer

    Easy intuitive turning

  • Available in 2 Sizes

    Perfect fit to rider


  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum 6061 mast and fuselage
  • Fiberglass Composite wings
  • 316 Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Medium Wing
  • High lift, downturned wingtips for riders 120 -170 lbs*
  • Large Wing
  • High lift, downturned wingtips for riders 160  - 210 lbs*
  • Aspect Ratio
  • 3.54
  • Wingspan
  • M 60.46 cm/L  66.24 cm
  • Surface Area
  • M 1032 cm2/ L 1236 cm2
  • Mast Size
  • 55 cm
  • Fuselage Length
  • 64.2 cm

*Recommended rider weights are approximate, and intended for beginners to intermediates. Skilled riders can and do use smaller foils, depending on the conditions.