2020 Naish Jet HA 1800 Front Wing (High Aspect)

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Jet HA 1800 Front Wing (High Aspect)

Size : 1400, 1800

Use this wing in smaller waves or downwind conditions with your SUP or surfboard foil 

Light wind wingfoiling and even surf/sup foiling, these wings feature thinner section profiles and a higher aspect ratio planform which allows them to connect bumps like crazy. Fantastic for both pumping and maintaining glide with little effort, the HA wings are more sensitive to rider input and less stable carving turns than the standard Jet Foil surf wings. Lighter riders up to 75-80 kilos will love the 1400, while heavier riders will benefit from the 1800’s added area. Bench-marked against the Jet 2000 and 2450, the 1400 and 1800 are more technical wings that create lift via increased speed rather than generating low speed lift and “power” with thicker sections - more advanced riders will appreciate the significantly improved top end, and long efficient glides due to reduced drag. Ultra High lift, downturned wingtips – for riders 70 –90 kg


Aspect Ratio: 5.6

Wingspan: 100cm

Surface Area: 1800 cm²

Neoprene Cover


    Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the 2020 Naish Jet HA 1800 Front Wing (High Aspect) is for you.

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