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It's more than just a kayak

It doesn’t take long to notice what sets Feelfree apart - with dynamic color combinations and unique hull designs to innovative functions and features, Feelfree is consistently redefining the future of paddlesports.  But it's more than just that - it's the excitement you get the moment you set your eyes on a Feelfree Kayak, the sigh of relief when you sit it in one and the adrenaline rush when you land your first fish - it's all part of the Feelfree Experience. See what's behind it all...


Lay fishing in Feelfree kayak


Feelfree has in fact redefined paddlesports with unique hull designs , advanced seating systems,  integrated pedal and power systems and everything in between. These innovations weren’t developed overnight. It’s all a result of our attention to customer feedback combined with over 30 years of design and development experience, complemented by quality craftsmanship. The modern evolution of kayak design has just begun and Feelfree is on the frontline.



When you first step onto the deck of a Feelfree Kayak and sit down, you'll immediately notice the Feelfree difference. Every kayak is meticulously designed from the bottom up to offer the stability paddlers expect complemented by reinforced standing platforms. Whether you sit, stand up or lean over you'll have peace of mind so you can focus on fishing and having fun.



Feelfree kayaks are built for fun but even more so for the passion of adventure resulting in long days on the water. Recognizing this, Feelfree has made it a priority to offer best in class comfort features such as multi-level position seats that double as camp chairs, wide open deck spaces and smooth ergonomic latches and handles. Feelfree makes it easy for you to fulfill your adventurous spirit - all day long.    



Even the lightest kayaks are a challenge to port around. They're awkward due to their length and the simple task of loading and unloading it can be a daunting task. Feelfree made it easier. Each kayak comes with a Patented Wheel in the Keel so you don't have to carry or drag your kayak. The Wheel in the Keel combined with sturdy molded in handles that won't flex or break will make it easier for you to get up and get out - any day!




Feelfree offers a diverse line up of kayaks from summer fun family models that you paddle to the most advanced fishing platforms that you can pedal. Regardless of budget, personal design choices or propulsion preferences, there's a kayak for everyone - even the little ones!


Feelfree's goal is to enhance your adventurous outdoor experience, making it the best it can be - rest assured, it will be!

Are you ready to feelfree.....?


Move (Kids) - Recreational

The FeelFree Move was designed with smaller paddlers in mind including smaller adults as well as children. This kayak has lots of nice features which include bow and stern handles, side handles, bow hatch, rear tank well, drain plug and wheel in the keel. Ideally paddled by smaller paddlers on lakes, canals, estuaries and sheltered coastlines.

This kayak has a 'Wheel In The Keel' that makes moving the kayak to and from the water so much easier. The wheel in the keel is designed for use on harder surfaces, not very rough ground, very soft sand or mud.


Nomad (Single) - Recreational

L: 9’10”; W: 30″; 22kgs

The Nomad will make you smile. Stable and easy to turn, the Nomad is at home playing in the surf or exploring quiet backwaters. A combination of bow rocker and a pronounced keel gives the Nomad good handling and tracking characteristics, and Feelfree’s wheel-in-the-keel makes it a snap to transport.

Note : Seat is not included with the kayak


Gemini Double - Recreational

L: 12’9″; W: 32.5″ 26kgs

Fast and fun for two, the Gemini shares the Nomad’s rockered hull and playful feel. Easy to paddle, seaworthy and comfortable, the Gemini is a favorite for family and friends. Standard features include comfortable molded handles, deluxe padded seats and Feelfree’s wheel-in-the-keel for no-sweat transport.

Note : Seat is not included with the kayak


 Lure 10 - Fishing

Dimensions LENGTH: 10' (305 cm.)
WIDTH: 36" (91 cm.) WEIGHT : 69lbs (31 kg.)
CAPACITY: 375 lbs (170 kg)

Feelfree Kayaks are taking kayak fishing to a new level in stability, comfort and versatility with the Lure series. The Lure 10 is the smaller more compact brother of the Lure 11.5 and 13.3. It is perfect for shorter trips on rivers and lakes where forward speed is not so important. The Lure 10 is the most compact of the 3 Lures but no features were sacrificed to make it so. The three outstanding features on the Lure 10 are its stability, the now famous Gravity Seat and the Uni track system. The Uni Track system allows the paddler to attach and easily remove additional equipment such as rod holders, GPS Plotter or Fish finders.

The Gravity Seat offers a wide range of seat heights and comfort. When used in the down position the true stability of the Lure 10 can be realized. For those that fish standing up and who only need a 10ft kayak then you need look no further. The Lure’s is super-stable and is fitted as standard with the Gravity seat, bow hatch, center console, rear mounted rod holders, drain plug, paddle park, bow and stern handles, side handles and Feelfree’s wheel in the keel – a superb package.


Lure 11.5 - Fishing with Sonar Pod

LENGTH: 11' 6" (350 cm.)
WIDTH: 36" (91 cm.) WEIGHT : 74lbs (34 kg.)
CAPACITY: 425 lbs (193 kg)

Suited to freshwater lakes, rivers and sheltered estuaries and offering a wide open standing platform with grip, the Lure opens up new possibilities to the kayak fishing world. As the name suggests this is the ultimate ‘lure’ fishing kayak, and will also be a huge success with ‘fly’ anglers who prefer to stand up when casting a fly. It is so stable, you can literally jump up and down on this craft, so playing a big pike on light fly gear will be no problem.
For the freshwater angler the Feelfree Lure opens up huge possibilities and will allow you to explore reed beds and fish areas that were previously unreachable by foot or boat.

The Lure is one of the only fishing kayaks of this breed to come with an innovative lever-controlled adjustable seat that adjusts to 4 positions over a 10 inch range, so you can customize your casting/fishing position.
The Feelfree Lure comes with a sizeable bow hatch, large rear tank well, and a center storage/tackle hatch which is sealed for safe opening/closing when afloat. The Lure comes with two rear flush mounted rod holders and has the ‘uni-track’ mounting system forward and rear.


Lure 13.5 - Fishing with Rudder

LENGTH: 13' 5" (411 cm.) WIDTH: 36" (91 cm.)
WEIGHT : 95lbs (43 kg.)
CAPACITY: 500 lbs (227 kg)

Feelfree Kayaks are taking kayak fishing to a new level in stability, comfort and versatility with the Lure series. The Lure 13.5 is the big big brother of the Lure 10 and Lure 11.5. Lure 13.5 is designed for big paddlers, big water and with any luck big fish.
This kayak is fully loaded with a long list of new and innovative features – so here goes:
Gravity seat, rod holders, removable electronics pod, Oval bow hatch, bow console/cooler with bait cutting board, a large standing platform, front uni track rails, rear uni track rails, rear crate recess, stand up assist leash, drain plug, wheel in the keel, moulded in handles, recessed fittings and a transducer port.

Feelfree kayak

Then of course there are the optional extras which can include rudder, stand up bar, Uni bar, insulated fish bags, camo angler paddles and more.
What is also very true about the three Lure kayaks is there is no need to sell them – they guys that want a Lure will have done their homework and will often know more about the kayak than the retailer!
Good for them but then they are anglers and sportsmen.


 ****Please call us to check colour availability as we may have other options in stock****

Life is too short to live without the Feelfree Kayak. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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