2014 Naish Draft 7m (With bar & lines)

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2014 Naish Draft 7m (With bar & lines)


* Plus Bar & lines on the deal

The first thing we noticed about the draft is that it looks huge! Because the kite has a narrow design (short struts) it makes up the square metres in length. So right from the start we got the feeling that this kite is made for creating lift, drive and speed. This makes the draft stand out as an excellent choice for riders looking for racing performance, amazing hangtime and grunt for the lightwind sessions.

Tech Specs:

  • Sizes: 7

  • Five struts on the 7 for windward performance in higher winds

What we like:

The draft has so much power in the last 6 - 10 inches as you sheet in up to the chicken loop. This means you can crank the bar in for extra speed or extra height when you want to and the extra power you get feels like no other kite we've tested. Nevertheless, it also felt very comfortable riding along with the bar sheeted out half way and you still have plenty of power and tension in the back lines.

When you do sheet the bar all the way in, there is definitely some solid bar pressure to let you know that you are really juicing the power out of this kite. Considering its aim of use (racing, boosting, speed) we would say that extra bar pressure is a good thing it helps let you know where the kite is and adds some Va-Va-Voom to your session.

Insider Info:
The long shape of the Naish Draft and position of the steering line bridle (in the middle of the wingtip,åÊsee picture) makes this kite a little tricky to relaunch if you crash it straight down wind. Those of you experienced with the roll-it-on-its-back method of relaunch won't have any trouble but it does take a little more than just pulling on one of the steering lines.

Why you want the Naish Draft:
Because you want to go faster, higher and harder than you have ever been before. Or because you want to be out riding in the lightest conditions (the larger sizes will be great light wind weapons). These kites generate a lot of their own power so even when you don't feel powered standing on the land or when you first dive the kite once you get going you have all the power you need.

Riders of all levels, from pros to newcomers, will all gain substantial advantages from the new Naish Universal Control System.

The Naish ATB Control System has a new front line configuration. The front lines now have a 3m single line to a Y point. The front flagging leash system has been improved and weight saved by removing the stainless Centre Line Organizer and Swivel.

The ATB Control System features above-the-bar trimming adjustment and a reduced diameter bar with a new Memory Core for a comfortable, ergonomic grip. The new V2 Bar Centre has been re-designed, providing smoother line entry to reduce wear and tear and also features a new PU coated trimline to minimize wear.

The Vario Bar End Adjustment allows the rider to change the bar length from 18" to 20" (45 to 51 cm) to fine tune steering. The Low-V swivel with an integrated pulley connects the front flying lines at the lowest configuration possible to keep lines straight and provide a front line flagging leash.

Naish ATB Universal Control System

The Naish ATB Universal Control System comes with a very effective 4-line Control System that activates and releases with ease. Don't worry about struggling with the bar and lease when you hit the water. An above-the-bar trim adjustment is weaved into the design of the bar and allows for better handling and performance.

The Naish Control bar comes standard with the Smart Loop, auto-orienting sheeting loop, and optional sliding stopper.

The result is a simple and functional control system that provides the rider with greater confidence in its functionality in all situations.

With a greatly improved through the bar front line leash system, and new larger floaters, the ATB Universal Control System is more streamlined and functional than ever before.

All kite sizes can be flown with the same bar. Complete with 20m Flying Lines.

Key Features:

  • Smart Loop Release and Depower System
  • Auto Orientation Depower Loop
  • New Improved "Through the Bar" Front Line leash system
  • New Wide Leash
  • Internal Back Line Trimming
  • New Extra Soft Bar Ends
  • New Streamlined Vario Bar Ends 18"-20" (45-51cm)


Naish Smart Loop Technology 

Naish's patented push away system is quickly becoming an industry standard and the Naish Smart Loop is the standard by which all push away systems are measured.

The 45mm handle on the Naish Smart Loop allows easy and efficient release in all situations. The system is the only one on the market that integrates a simple "below the bar" trim system that is easy to reach and operate.

The open design of the handle and internal teeth allows water to flush through and maintain a smooth reliable release in all conditions.

All of the features on the Naish Smart Loop allow the ride to focus on the kiting experience rather than worrying about an overly complicated release system.


Fool Proof Connectors: Removes the possibility of wrong line connection with the kite.

Super Soft Bar Ends: New and improved super soft bar ends that conform to the outside of the rider's hand and integrates better with the floaters.

Asymmetrical Grip: Precision asymmetrical grip that allows the rider to feel the correct bar orientation with optimal feedback.

Diamond Bar Grip: Colour-coded thermo molded EVA diamond grip with perforated holes for ultimate feel and handling.

Aluminium Centre Hole: Flared aluminium centre hole for minimal friction, easy turning and "bomber" durability.

Wider Webbing Leash: 7cm longer wide webbing leash for easier repositioning after handle passes.

Vario Adjustment: Streamlines the back of the bar and makes bar size adjustment from 19" to 21" easier than ever.

Internal Backline Trimming: Keeps the exposed line as close as possible.

The 2014 Naish Draft 7m (With bar & lines) destined to impress, and priced at only Dhs. 2,000.00 , for a limited time.

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