Naish Gerry Lopez 7'10 Funboard Surfboard

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Naish Gerry Lopez Funboard Surfboard


Of all the board models Gerry shapes, these funboards are the most popular because, simply put, they make surfing easy and fun. Suiting a wide range of rider sizes, surfing abilities and wave conditions, these surfboards make catching waves as easy as riding them.

Evolved from what used to be called a mini-tanker in the early 1980,the funboard is actually a shorter version of a longboard. It has been refined through the years to handle a wider range of waves in size and juice. Today funboard retains its fuller nose to maximize paddling efficiency and features a bottom shape that is flat-to-vee running out the tail. Modernized rails, edges, bottom rocker and foil make these boards fast, steady and maneuverable for heightened versatility in nearly any surf condition.

*All boards come with squash tails and thruster fin setups.

  • LENGTH :  7'10"
  • WIDTH : 22"
  • THICKNESS : 2 7/8"

*All boards come with quad fin setups

Colour and graphics may differ slightly from images shown