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Say Hi to your new blue friend

Big Air - Freestyle - Freeride

learn more about your new little blue friend: the WOO

The WOO 3.0 Sensor (the 'WOO' for short) is the key to recording and playing during your sessions. Compare our blue little nugget to a gaming console (f.e PS4 or Xbox), our different modes are the games, you are the controller! Get in the Game!

You can use the WOO for the following games:

Mode: Kite - Big Air -> Blinking Once (1-0-1-0)
Mode: Kite - Freestyle -> Blinking Twice (2-0-2-0)
Mode: Wake (Cable & Boat) -> Blinking Three times (3-0-3-0)
Mode: Snow (Snowboard & Ski) -> Blinks Once, then Blinks Twice (1-2-1-2)

Note : 

The LED pattern on the WOO for this game is blinking Once (1-0-1-0).
Kite - Big Air is compatible with all generations of WOO Sensors.


WOO Position on the Board

For this game, the button on your WOO doesn't necessarily need to be facing your right foot per se. However we do recommend this as it's good practice to always keep the WOO Button facing your right foot while riding.

Every WOO comes with an adhesive mount that's used to attach the sensor to your board. For maximum accuracy, the sensor needs to be placed in the center of the board with the long edge parallel to the long edge of the board. For more details also check out the docs on Attaching the WOO Mount.

Going to the Big Air Game in the WOO Sports App

From the Login Screen, where you can select which sport you would like to go into, select the WOO Kite icon. Within WOO Kite, both Kite - Big Air and Kite - Freestyle games can be played.

Once logged into a sport, you gain access to the entire WOO Community through the App. Check out the different sections in the app:

· Activity

· Leaderboards

· My WOO

· Explore

· Profile

Game F.A.Q.

Q: Will my Freestyle tricks be recorded while the WOO is in Kite - Big Air mode?
A: Tricks in Big Air mode will simply be registered as jumps. The device will tell you how high you jumped, how long you were in the air, and how hard you landed but it will not detect or score any tricks you do while recording in that mode.

Q: How to I display Big Air leaderboards?
A: When the App is in Kite, you can always swipe between Big Air and Freestyle in the Activity, Leaderboards, and Profilesections of the app. Just make sure the top bar is set to whichever mode you want to view.

Q: Do the Big Air leaderboards include WOO 1.0 / WOO 2.0 sessions as well?
A: Yes! Within Big Air mode you will have access to all sessions recorded by all generation WOO's. If you have a WOO 3.0 and your buddy has a 2.0 or 1.0 you will still be able to compete with one another as long as your WOO is in Kite - Big Air mode.

The WOOSENSOR3 was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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