Naish Trip 10 2014

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Trip 10

Best Travel Companion

Test Team Report
The Trip is a kite that promises to be the true answer for a one-kite quiver to travel with perfect if you need a kite to use at any remote wave break when the wind up, or for that powder-pasted mountain valley that delivers a nice cross-breeze. For its size, the Trip has great low-end power delivery, offers quick pivotal turns, and is fast and lively in its forward drive. When you are powered up and really push the kite speed, you can really rip upwind on the Trip. The super-light weight of the Trip makes it good for lightwind waveriding, and it has capable depower and amazing down-the-line drift. It doesnt generate power through the pivot, so you can change direction quickly without getting pulled off the wave. It can jump adequately, but its not a big-jumping kite, and it takes extra feathering to ensure it keeps you lofted for as long as you would really like it to.

The Trip has direct steering control, and the kite pivots fast on its axis or on a single wing tip. It packs up really small and would fit perfectly inside a surfboard bag or snowboard bag. The water relaunch works decently, as long as there is adequate wind at water level to power the water off the canopy. The Trip will satisfy the kiter who wants to carry a kite for that just in case moment.

The Trade-off:
Overall jumping performance, pitch sensitivity and stability of the kite could be improved.

Best For:
The traveling waterman and board rider who wants to have a kite stashed away and available at a moment notice that can handle the conditions at hand.